POL Pier Substructure & Under deck Repairs

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT – On July 2010, Philippine Coastal Storage & Pipeline Corporation (PCSPC) once again took another major step in its ongoing efforts to improve the 257 meter long pier’s overall structure and maintain a 100% operational status by rehabilitating its entire substructure.  During the course of the recently concluded Structural Repair & Upgrade of Berthing & Fendering system, it was discovered that in addition to the previously repaired piles, several or more concrete piles beneath the pier and close to the seabed were found to still have minor to major cracks and are propagating.   Under consultancy of Phillips Consulting, immediate action is needed to prevent its spread through further application of concrete jacketing.  New pre-stressed concrete support piles shall also be driven beneath the north and south side of the pier to further reinforce and accommodate multiple docking of larger vessels or tankers.  

A total of 196 piles are expected to be repaired with the addition of 36 new pre-stressed concrete piles to be driven on both north & south side of the pier.  

A 2nd new mooring dolphin shall also be added and connected to the recently constructed mooring dolphin to correct angles.  

The entire project shall have a duration of 24 months which will be completed by July 2012.