PCSPC in coordination with MetroPacific and Keppel Infrastructure is committed to considering sustainable solutions where possible in our operations and our future growth. At PCSPC all fuel loading can accommodate Bio fuel additives as mandated by the Government of the Philippines. Our underground tanks are at various elevations to allow gravity feed to tank truck loading, thus minimizing energy needs. During new construction where clearing is required, PCSPC donates new tree saplings at a ratio of ten to one (ten trees for every tree cut). Other sustainable energy solutions are being developed for remote site lighting and instrumentation using wifi connections for measurement transmission. PCSPC is an equal opportunity employer and has a diversified workforce. PCSPC maintains all Environmental and Operational permits to ensure safe working practices, secure facilities, and maximum availability for our customers and the nation. PCSPC operations ensure all fuel imports are properly received, documented, and reported in accordance with The Government of the Philippines Financial and Customs laws.