Oil Spill Response

PCSPC’s operations are always aimed at “ZERO” oil spill.  However, the very nature of the oil business entails with it the risk of oil spillage. Resources to mobilize the equipment on site must is regularly checked and their readiness is ensured.

Fire Evacuation Drill

Employees and contractors within PCSPC premises are enjoined to be thoroughly familiar with prevention of fire and efficient handling of fire incidents in case of occurrence. PCSPC maintains a Fire Plan that prescribes the general policies and recommended procedures that shall be observed by everyone and outlines particular emergency responsibilities.

Live Fire Exercise

PCSPC Operations and responders are trained with local fire department to handle different fire emergencies.

Defensive Driving Refresher

PCSPC maintains a course outline to continuously prevent injuries. Defensive driving course aims to focus on attitudes in driving, traffic rules and accident prevention.