Maritan Expansion Phase 3

PCSPC inaugurates another expansion project in its Maritan Tank Farm. The construction includes three (3) 180,00 barrels capacity fuel storage tanks, two (2) 50,000 barrels capacity fuel storage tanks, four (4) additive tanks, a loading rack, control office, and auxiliary facilities.

Despite being hampered by the COVID Pandemic, the project was completed in 18 months, on budget, and was commissioned in the last quarter of 2020. Constructed by the Aboitiz Construction Group, Inc., the facility conforms with international standards, and its first use was Oct 1, 2020.

With its completion, the Company’s total capacity increased to 6 million barrels for various fuel products. It also strengthens the ability of the terminal to cater to clients and customers supplying fuel to Northern and Central Luzon and parts of the National Capital Region.

To date, PCSPC remains the largest independent fuel storage facility in the Philippines.